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Santa Fe Tree Inventory Analysis

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Data Analysis of the Santa Fe, NM (USA) tree inventory reveals what trees are doing well and illustrates the value of stewardship for canopy growth in semi-arid climates.


“The Santa Fe Urban Forest, situated at the intersection of the Grassland and the Pinon-Juniper ecozones, offers a unique opportunity to understand the value of green infrastructure and healthy soil to the viability of tree canopy confronted with an increasingly arid climate of Southwestern United States. Analysis of tree inventory data provides tree species diversity considerations, health, trends in recommendations, and initiates the discussion of resiliency for the city tree canopy with regard to climate variability. Inventory data suggest some species can no longer survive in Santa Fe and soil improvements greatly enhance success rates. Utilization of soil building and water harvesting techniques supports trees and prevents need for controversial chemical applications. By incorporating adaptive management techniques for optimal precipitation usage, habitat support, and land stewardship, the City can grow in canopy and in livability. With increasing climate pressure, developing long lasting strategies for community resiliency is both necessary and timely.

The Urban Forest is conducive to livability in Santa Fe, which is becoming increasingly arid due to rise in temperatures and unpredictable precipitation. In order to develop a sustainable semiarid urban forest, knowledge is needed related to what grows well and what adapts to climate variability. By engaging citizens in a community driven inventory, this knowledge based is gained while increasing awareness and interest at the volunteer level. Planning with these components leads to smart and balanced growth. Through the structure provided by green infrastructure design, the city can retain authenticity, prosper, and adapt to a changing climate.” (ABSTRACT)

” Key Words: Urban Forestry, Semi-arid Tree Canopy, Santa Fe, NM, Tree Inventory, Microbes, Rain Gardens, Green Infrastructure, Municipal Landscape “

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3 reviews for Santa Fe Tree Inventory Analysis

  1. Jennifer Dann, EMNRD (verified owner)

    great job on this, and thank you for all of your work in support of the urban forest!

  2. John P. Muñoz

    Outstanding work!

  3. Guy Meilleur

    “preliminary (but excellent) tree inventory performed by volunteers, that was donated to the city three years ago. She emphasized that there needs to be follow up work on rating tree condition, and exploring potential mitigation options”

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