Athena Beshur
Principal Urban Forestry Designer and Owner,
Seeds of Wisdom, LLC

Founded in 2005, Seeds of Wisdom, LLC, specializes in Urban Forestry Design and Stewardship.

From species selection to tree health, from conceptual design to green infrastructure, Seeds of Wisdom cares for trees in urban and semi-arid environments. Our projects aim to address climate change through supporting urban ecosystems, which provide many benefits: protecting habitat for wildlife, making the most of stormwater, and creating spaces for people to enjoy trees.

We value specialized, high-quality work, and are continually adapting management strategies for urban trees, forests, and landscapes.

Athena Beshur, Principal Designer and Owner, is an International Society of Arboriculture–certified arborist. Specialties include tree selection, planting, pruning, diagnostics, and care.  Seeds of Wisdom focuses on building healthy soil, harvesting stormwater, and Integrated Pest Management protocols to support healthy trees.

Our award-winning public space design captures and redirects rain water effectively to hydrate and nourish gardens, trees, and landscapes.

We utilize technology to make informed decisions for our urban forestry designs and planting plans.  Tree inventory data, Geographic Information System maps and layers, and soil analysis help us create smart plans that are long-lasting as well as beautiful.

Fire-defensible space is key in our semi-arid climate. These projects take into consideration wildlife habitat, privacy needs, and aesthetics. Projects may also include soil stabilization, erosion control, and passive water harvesting. A 19-acre Seeds of Wisdom project in the wildland-urban interface involved collaboration with the New Mexico Forestry Division and received an AAA rating from the insurance agent!

Seeds of Wisdom developed an award-winning low-impact development technology that helps stormwater infiltrate into soil and supplies nearby trees with beneficial mycorrhizae, helping them thrive.

Working our expert stonemasons, we design and install elegant, long-lasting stone elements for your gardens and landscapes.

Occasionally we are able to capture the kind words our clients have to say to us.
We are grateful for all of them!  Here are just a few:

“This is a great presentation, and you did a wonderful job on the Alameda Rain Gardens!  THANK YOU!”

Leroy N. Pacheco, PE

Former River, Watershed & Trails Section Supervisor

“Thanks for doing a good job with the apricot tree pruning.  She looks happy with her new haircut.”


Local Client

“I live at El Castillo and often walk in the neighborhood, and I just wanted to congratulate you and your group on a wonderful redo of the little corner across from us along Cathedral Place.  It is just absolutely perfect for Santa Fe and for that corner, and I just know it is important to let you know.  So good job.  Thank you!”

Karolyn Wayman

El Castillo Resident