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Old Filter Plant Restoration


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” In this riparian restoration proposal, I have endeavored to understand not one small reach, but rather its connection to the greater Santa Fe River, how past engineering is failing, how previous proposals continue to sit on shelves, and how the preciousness of these plants of a different kind are becoming bottlenecked by the entry into the urban setting. Although the focus of assessments and design concepts is tailored to the small reach where the Old Filter Plant existed, the compass is directed toward the uniqueness of place that this repose offers.

Water is scarce in the high desert. This site, with concrete from an old dam, represents how our city has become increasingly reliant on the reservation of water for our community’s use. It can be used as a learning tool, not only of the native obligate water plant species reliant upon the river for survival, but also how consumptive our own water use has become.” (INTRODUCTION)