2019 Santa Fe Tree Inventory List


Santa Fe Tree Inventory List of Species, Condition, Stormwater Runoff, Transpiration, and Structural Value.

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The Santa Fe Tree Inventory list represents trees analyzed through i-Tree (2019) from data provided by the Santa Fe Public Spaces Tree Inventory project, a volunteer collaboration between the Municipal Tree Board and the Santa Fe Extension Master Gardeners.  It includes data from 2016- 2019, with weather station data from 2016.  The list is a culmination of several data points provided through analysis relating to tree species diversity and condition, as well as place based metrics: avoided runoff, transpiration, and structural value.   The 1,791 trees represent a structural value of $3.47 million with 11,600 feet3 per year of avoided stormwater runoff.  These trees transpire 336,343 feet3 per year, with a potential evapotranspiration reaching 887,912 feet3 per year.  These data highlight the supply-side of inland precipitation potential.


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