Birds around Santa Fe 2019


Designing landscapes to help support local birds will be good for them and the trees.  Many birds eat harmful insects, thereby protecting and keeping trees healthy.

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The below list represents birds identified through the United States Geological Survey mapping system (2019) as having ‘predicted habitat’ in or around Santa Fe, NM.   Included are predicted habitat patterns deduced from per species map analysis, available from:  

Of the 144 species, 81 of these have a negative habitat pattern with the city, which is equivalent to 56% of the species indicated.  The table also illustrates the patterns evident in their habitat, which could become pivotal in plant selection, snag retention, and design details which help provide stepping stones to the larger habitat areas with core centers. Designating wide spaces within the City will provide buffer between the urban disturbance. This is vital “for species that are particularly edge-sensitive” (McComb 2016, 204).


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