Private Residence: In Progress

Currently in design development, this project includes both gardens and forestry work. Some gardens relate closely to the client’s residence and feature the client’s favorite, specifically chosen varieties of plants; other gardens connect to the existing landscape and provide food and habitat for native and migrating wildlife. Earthworks that shape the site will help minimize erosion while also guiding stormwater to trees and plants.

Due to the location of the residence, surrounded by piñon and juniper trees in Santa Fe’s dry climate, fire mitigation is also a key concern. Existing trees are currently being evaluated to determine the best location for a fire break that both protects the residence and minimizes disturbance to the landscape.

Location: Santa Fe, NM
Project Status: In Progress

Along with overall design development, Seeds of Wisdom has run initial shade analyses for the courtyard portion of this design. This way, we are able to see how the form and orientation of the house may affect the growing conditions of the plants and trees selected for the courtyard.

Click through the images here to see the change in sunlight and shade throughout the course of a summer day!