Meminimus Te — We Remember You

Dedicated to the memory of those lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, this consists of a “scent garden” and a memorial water fountain.

Conceptually, a scent garden was chosen for two reasons: to symbolize hope and recovery from grief, and in honor of those who have been afflicted by and survived the disease, as it is commonly reported that contracting the coronavirus results in a loss of the sense of smell. The scent garden consists of highly fragrant roses, lavenders, and rosemary, all surrounding a redbud tree, which symbolizes the traditional Tree of Life.

Large sandstone blocks from Cerro Colorado, Lamy, NM — originally quarried to build the Cathedral — had been stored for some time at St. Teresa’s Carmelite Monastery in Santa Fe until they were moved to the Cathedral property in June 2020. Master stonemason John T. Morris and his team at New Mexico Stone in Santa Fe carved five of these raw sandstone blocks into a cascading water fountain, with arches suggestive of a tree’s canopy, another reference to the Tree of Life. The memorial is meant to be a permanent and lasting presence, and is open to the public on the front terrace of the historic Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

Location: Santa Fe, NM
Project Status: Completed in 2023