Lagunita Green Infrastructure Technology

The award-winning Lagunita technology was developed by Seeds of Wisdom, LLC as a way to capture rainfall and utilize it to grow soil microbiology and trees. Presented at the Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 Conference in 2018, it received 2nd-place award for Low-Impact Development/ Green Infrastructure Project for its implementation in the Cathedral Place Rain Garden. Since implementation in 2017, Frontier Elms (Ulmus carpinifolia x parvifolia) have each grown 2-inches in caliper.  The Burr Oaks (Quercus macrocarpa) have grown incrementally related to closeness to the curb cut: 1.25-inches, 1-inch and 0.75-inch respectively.















It is underground, thereby keeping small growing spaces safe.  Created by forming a two-foot hole and extending three-feet long ‘veins,’ water is distributed across a wide surface area and allowed to permeate deeper into the soil. Mulch inside the veins and hole is inoculated with mycorrhizal fungal spores.  As these hyphae grow, they extend the distance of nutrient accessibility for the tree.   Because no plastics are used in the process, it degrades as the mulch is consumed in natural fashion, continuing to improve the tree’s soil microbiology as it ages.

Evidenced from a recent snowstorm, the lagunita retains moisture longer than surrounding soil.  This illustrates that water binds to water and that the below surface mulch has significant water holding capacity. With the lagunita veins stretched across a slope’s contour, water sinks as it travels down hill, collecting in a valuable place for root accessibility.