Landscape style enhanced by southwest urban forestry concepts


The classic style landscape has clean lines, spacial groupings, and connection to the surrounding architecture.  Walking through a forest leads to a clearing of shrubs, sea of grasses or pollinator garden.  Cheerful flowers brighten the day.Read More »


A natural style blends into the surrounding landscape.  It beacons immersion with winding pathways which widen as needed to enhance elements within the landscape, such as views, statues, or a calming place for reflection.Read More »


Contemporary design is simple and clean, with defined pathways and a focus on providing space for a few key plants to grow.  Strategically placed boulders offer a grounding calm.Read More »

Project Details

Urban landscapes have a variety of uses and values.  Recognizing the needs of the landscape, as well as the aesthetics of stakeholders, offers the opportunity to connect with people.  Bringing people into their metroscapes enhances the cultural significance and value to the outdoors.  This section divides designs by their aesthetic style.  Within each category, principals of landscape integrity are linked.

CATEGORY: Design Styles

SKILLS: Architectural elements, evergreen, pollinator, grasses, rose gardens, heritage, fruit trees, use of space, site limitations, pathway designations, sculpture gardens, legacy plantings,

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